Dane Vinson
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For more than two decades my professional focus has been on designing and building software for the enterprise.
This portfolio represents some of my personal explorations in that space.

Demos are hosted with limited resources and may take significant time to warm-up.

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Disc Golf Pad (DGP)

Scorecard tracking for Disc Golf players

Primary Service Architecture: Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing

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Live Demos (CI/CD using Azure Pipelines)
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Developing Dane (technical blog)

I started the technical blog Developing Dane in 2010 after reading a blog post by Scott Hanselman. He argued that every developer should maintain their own blog and I found significant merit in his reasoning. I've used the blog to help me solidify my thinking and exercise my writing.

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Stupid Todo

Flippantly named to-do application serving as a baseline for the exploration of technologies and patterns

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Tracking categorized numeric data by date, e.g. daily precipitation in inches

Key concepts: Variable service and data persistence implementations by configuration

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